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Ono Island


Ono Island is a 5.5-mile long second tier barrier in southern Baldwin County

Ono Island is positioned uniquely along the Florida - Alabama border between Perdido Key and Orange Beach AL.  

Ono Island's History goes back to the the 1400's when the Spanish were said to be poking around this area but it's more recent history involves the US Navy and a banker from Birmingham named John Golighlty.   

During World War II the nearby Naval Base in Pensacola used alot of the Perdido Bay, Perdido Key and Ono Ilsland area as a bombing range. Through the years when construction crews have been building on Ono they have found ordinance in certain areas.  Even to this day you see navy helicopters hovering over the water in certain areas with water safety trainee's jumping out of the copters doing their training.  

The border of Alabama and Florida used to run down the middle of Perdido Pass. In the late 50's Florida and Alabama had a little land swap.  The story goes that apparently Alabama wanted to put in a bridge at Perdido Pass and they asked Florida to pay half of the cost. The Florida governor at the time was not inclined to take on this financial responsibility in what was then an undeveloped area.  So a swap was proposed by the Alabama governor  "Florida you give us 2 miles of beach and all of ONO Island and we will build the bridge at Alabama Point" and so it goes that is why the state line is at the Flora Bama to this day.  (Story told to me by the Tampary brothers in 1986 at their office across the street from the Flora Bama).

It was approximately 1963 when the Birmingham Banker John Golightly got involved with Ono Island.  The story goes that He had previously been to the area to look at property in an estate he was reviewing and he had seen ONO Island, well.apparently he liked it. In '63 he put together a $1000 with a couple of buddies and bought a third of ONO.  At the time it was called Goat Island because some locals raised their Goats on the Island.    

Fast forward to today and now there are approx 700 homes on the island and home values range from 300's to multi millions. 

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