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Orange Beach Condos ...


It all started when…

It was around the 1700's that the Spanish came poking around Perdido Bay. They say that pirates came soon after chasing the Spanish Galleons. 


And if there are Spanish Galleons and Pirates then there has to be buried treasure and yest those rumors have swirled around forever.


Fast forward to the 20's and public works projects of that day came in and cut the Intracoastal waterway creating both Pleasure Island (Orange Beach and Gulf Shores) and Perdido Key.


Then folks like the Meyer's in Gulf Shores and the Callaway's and Walker's in Orange Beach moved to the area and homesteaded land that is some of the absolute finest in the world.  Then move onto the 50's and 60's and the Tampary's were some of the first families to start the ball rolling on Perdido Key with the opening of the Flora Bama in '63.  


I first came to Perdido Key on Halloween night in 1983 or 84 on our way to a Halloween party at a nightclub in Gulf Shores called Margaritaville. It was Margaritaville version 1, that some local friends of Mr. Buffet had opened.  I think to this day it is the only Margaritaville that ever closed down. 


I moved onto Perdido Key in 1985 and opened my first business in March 1986. Winters were long and cold in those days and very tough on the bank account for a fledgling business.  

Fast forward to today and 32 years later I have been selling this Paradise one slice at at time.  Put my experience to work for you. You will be glad you did!.